Saturday, 4 July 2015


The title of this post would  make you assume I'm going to talk about maybe my present state or my location.......................
wait for it is about  Nigeria my home, my country a place were i was conceived and bore to breath my first breathe; how do i describe her my words can't quantify her progress.

Many Nigerians who are into politics may dispute with me that she has no progress with the future they foresee her heading and with her current government on seat she is headed for a Crash. We can't really say that or can we? because we are not really flying a plane but ruling a country, so how would we crash if we all came together with the new government to help her progress.
Working together as a whole is unity, do we have that? i don't mean  to ask questions but look in to this; if we as Nigerians came together as citizens and not ethic groups or descendants of those who died during the Nigerian civil war RIP to Nigerians who lost their lives; i know its a scar they were brutally killed but i also do know that sometimes we have to pick up our pieces and move on and think of moving forward in life.

One minute of silence to this who died;

Don't we think their would be peace, the country would boost and more Nigerians would progress if we all just stopped being ethnocentric?
ok, lets look at it from this angle, why is it that Nigerians bond on football not thinking of the variations of ethnic members playing? your shocked right i know, so why is it that when it comes to political matters and issues of rulership everybody looks deep into the ethnic group that is running or ruling rather than looking into the candidate with the most potential and Zeal. I'm not implying we fault in our decision but I'm just saying that this time around Nigerians are really Lucky.

I might be accused  of speaking like this simply because i am on the winning side; it feels good to win though especially when you win with the right decisions but hang on a second.... Nigeria is also my country too.
I don't expect readers to understand what I'm about to say but I'm still going to say it anyway;
I don't think we love Nigeria like we love Nigeria.
I would do you the courtesy and explain, i mean we Nigerians as individuals love her equally.
Nigerians at this point instead of pointing and picking fingers should only come together and hope to our spiritual Guardians that we and our Heads are led to Lead us and the country in the right path for Change.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


I am sure u lots must be wondering why i spelt Boys like that, well to cut the long story short thats how useless it can get both in writing and physical appearance. sometimes my friends and i seat back and wonder if its a curse that the generation of now has as its major problem.
Because i see us women not attempting marriage at all not even if we where bribed to enter the union LAFF OUT LOUD  you guys it is that deep oooooooooo, cause all these boys are acting like they are the descendants of the devil.
They are wicked, heartless, unfair, lead girls on and also say anything to Fuck her then dump her later on.
Now this is an advise i would give to men for free: you guys treat use women like shit forgetting that tomorrow you will father a female guys treat use women somehow ignoring the fact that you wouldn't want tears to drop from ur daughters eyes. imagine if my dad were to see me cry how would he feel?, as heart broken as you will be when you see a fellow man treat ur daughter badly when she grows up.guys it doesn't pay to be a Dickhead or does it?
Remember hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. as a man you are meant to be scared of the tears that roll off a woman eyes because they could make a mare you. men most probably think that women can't harm them forgetting that in future when you don't progress it is a woman that has caused you and your generation not to.
Sir men, uncle men, brother men, i beg you in the name of God and whatsoever you as an individual worship pls stop this act of leading us on.
If you see a pretty lady that is hot, then u speak to her and if ur not feeling it do not  continue by asking for her number;just walk away she's gonna understand.
 This previous paragraph may sound funny but if you don't walk away and you have decided to fuck and run, wherever you find your progress twenty years from now take it because no man of God, baba-lawo, juju- master can revert that curse.
no be film trick oooo or rubbish i dey blast na the reality of things.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Thanks a lot for everything you did to me, cause you made me stronger.
Thanks for all that you caused all in the name of being a good friend, cause you made me realise.
Thanks for telling, cause if you didn't i don't think i would be were i am today. Like they say, if certain people weren't in your life I'm sure it wouldn't turn out to be what it is today.
The moment you walk out that door of my life, it was as though you took all of my ills just to let in new things. Well i also thank God for you cause you left my life. Who know? my God could have punished you more than he is doing now because I'm pretty sure you would have tried to distract me.

The minute you walked out that door you described as my life, i became a better person,
more happy, i experienced peace from different angles, i moved on and into a place i called my own where i think if you had dreamt of being there in a million years, you would never get there. But in the end i still thank you cause you were like that Key that opened the door for good things to manifest.

i honestly don't know what I'm writing, I'm just blogging according to how i am lead lmao.
its been long since i actually blogged.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

His Grace

His grace is sufficient for me
His grace is  plenty for me
His grace alone has taken me places
His grace.

His grace hath saved me from the numerous traps of the devil
His grace overpowers all evil powers
With his grace i can go places
His grace alone

I actually am speaking from experience because i am a living testimony his grace takes me places like my pastor will say whilst standing on the anointed altar i quote: 'when you have GRACE you would never be disgrace so we need GRACE to be great'.
 Thats all from me guys

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Madiba's Memorial

Oooooooo his memorial was glorious and im pretty sure he is proud off what a great memorial South Africa has put together for him with close to 98 Head of states in attendance including the world most powerful President Obama. 

His Grandchildren reading their tribute to him, of how a great leader, man and grandfather his was to them and everyone in South Africa.

All my life, I have lived to acquire knowledge of what Madiba  had done for we black people i personally i'm proud of all his great achievements. 

Thank you Madiba for fighting for us blacks and our rights and voices.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. 


Broken pieces

You break me into pieces when you do the things you do 
You hurt and sheered me 
Living no part of me to feel pain the next time 
You do to me things i don't expect you to because, i would never do them to you.

It shocks me, because i don't think you love me as much as i love .

Whats funny is that i love you with every drop of blood in me.
I love you with my last strength, i love you with every part in me.

If love was edible trust me i would have fed you fat on love. 

I am broken and my heart is shattered into pieces

Letter to my Present.

Hi guys,
having read naija husbands LETTER TO MY EX I was inspired to write a letter as well, but then I laid on my bed thinking and a tear drop ran down my eyes and I'm like I would like to write a letter to my present and not my ex........ so here it goes:

To Him my Apple pie,

                             To my present the man i hope and pray to be the one .
                               I write this letter today the 8th of December. 
Hey babe hope your okay? hope you have eaten ? I write this letter with no intention of you replying but for you to see someday. 
 Deep down my heart i hope your going to be the one, because you say you love me but you don't act like it, you say I complete you but you don't act like I actually complete you, you say I bring out the best in you, yet you don't appreciate me in the way and manner I expect you too. 

The other day you said I should act posh and in my head I'm like I thought you said you love me the way I am, wait chill when you said that what did you mean?, body wise or character wise or attitude wise ?

Yea I know I hardly come out of my house and you know that; but it doesn't still give you the right to do things behind me. Yea I know I'm not sure your cheating on me but if you are, couldn't you have at least waited till I went back to the UK before you continued because this might sound funny but like when i'm in Nigeria I feel it when you do things with other girls.

Well i am a woman and women they say have instincts even though I'm not totally sure but today rely on them, I'm not saying you cheat on me oooooo! I'm only just warning you and trying to pass a message across that even if you are not when u decide to start I will know and if i should catch you men Nigerian vernacular: I go bust bottle for una two head.

 Remember nothing under the sun is completely hidden.

I'm a very realistic person and when I take certain decision I stand firmly by them not minding who it its going to affect and the damage my rash decisions might cause.

I'm like a moving train I stop and I move on as easy as that.

Funny enough I'm scared of thinking  about this whole thing because it going to put me in a bad place and make me take decisions I wouldn't  want to rethink.
          I plead with you, please prevent me from over thinking don't make me feel like an outsider in this relationship, show me you love me like I know you do express it. Even though you aren't good with emotions at least try to a bit, your actions could go a long way you know.
                                  After all, they say actions speak louder than words.
                                                                                                   Yours sincerely 

                                                                                                  Ijeoma Nwankwo